Welcome to DK Construction & Recruitment Specialists

DK Construction & Recruitment Specialists are a leading Australian construction Company and recruitment agency specialising  in Construction and the Recruitment industry.

DK  Recruitment  is a highly motivated company in their respective fields and understand the critical nature of filling open vacancies with efficiency, innovation and a consultative approach. We are your partners in permanent and temporary placements as well as construction of various sights around Perth and WA’s remote areas

DK Construction is a leading West Australian construction company that understand the cost effectiveness of hiring the right people to get your job done, at the right time, for the right opportunities.  To be true leaders, we believe Companies should be innovative and malleable, and utilise a range of leading search and targeted Construction techniques.

All of our Team members have a proven industry track record in the Construction industry in their particular areas of expertise, eg Building /Development / Tenders DK Construction is a market leading Building company with resources unlimited we are taking the guess work out of the process and providing you with a valuable knowledge resource to leverage at your request.  Building and People are our passion, and your business is our focus.

DK Construction & Recruitment Specialists – Building a Better Tomorrow